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I take a pragmatic approach to therapy. I take some of the best psychological theories - object relations theory, family systems theory, Gestalt and analytic theory - and combine these with newer, innovative, and well-researched treatment modalities, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and SE (Somatic Experiencing). My aim is to promote accelerated growth within a short time-frame. This is sometimes referred to as an integrative approach.


Therapy can be a mysterious and confusing experience. For some people, therapy works well and they are completely satisfied with the outcome. However, many people don't fully understand the inner workings of therapy; how it is supposed to work, what is supposed to happen and how to accelerate the growth process. Subsequently, a lot of people report that they feel as if they are wasting time and money in therapy simply talking about their problems. Frequently the immediate problems abate, but the deeper patterns are not fully resolved. Such patterns cause frustration and pain by repeating in one form or another, in personal, professional and romantic/intimate areas of life. My integrative approach, including powerful tools such as EMDR and SE, tends to be more effective in fully resolving these repeating patterns, yielding life altering changes.


Because I have great respect for people's time and money, I closely collaborate in the therapy process as a partnership. I do this by educating and sharing the underlying principles of the techniques being used. This helps to have doctor and patient on the same page, going in the direction of creating measurable growth and meaningful changes quickly.




Object Relations theory is a very empowering, clarifying psychological theory. Using this theory, one can really begin to make sense of the patterns, and break them, so that past relationship patterns and mistakes aren't revisited in current relationships. This approach applies to essentially every type of relationship we experience, including intimate relationships with spouses, relationships with our children, friendships, or daily interactions with strangers or acquaintances.


Object Relations explains how our childhood relationships eventually affect our present relationships. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was once the most wonderful person in the world, and suddenly they seem to turn into your father, mother, sibling, ex-wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend? Or perhaps you find yourself in a work or group situation where your boss suddenly seems to take on the personality of your father, mother or sibling? Object Relations theory helps us to understand these experiences, and EMDR helps to see these experiences from a more mature, adult perspective, which frees us to make wise and conscious choices unclouded by unhealthy past relationships or traumas.

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