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Specializing in counseling for individuals and couples with an integrative approach

My Approach

If you are challenged by depression, anxiety, intimacy, or a growing need to find purpose in your life or relationships, contact Dr. Howard for individual or relationship counseling, psychotherapy, healing, and relationship advice. Dr. Howard specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in Los Angeles, California.


Dr. Howard is a licensed Psychologist with extensive counseling experience in private practice, clinics and groups. She also brings a rich life experience to her counseling work including an eclectic spiritual practice, world travel and business experience. Dr. Howard specializes in EMDR and working with people who are wrestling with life's "big questions." Her approach is eclectic, with special focus on Object Relations, the treatment of trauma and relationship issues.


Get more insight into what is working and not working in your life, your relationships and in your career. Identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Target and resolve the obstacles that get in the way of creating a more authentic, meaningful and passionate life.

To arrange for individual therapy, relationship counseling, workshops, or a speaking engagement, email Dr. Howard or call (310) 281-1882.

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